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Contraband detection: Effective strategies to stop the influx (eBook)

Download this free eBook to learn more about keeping cellphones and other contraband out of your facility


This eBook suggests effective strategies to stop the contraband influx in corrections facilities.

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The influx of contraband into correctional facilities – especially cellphones – is a critical threat to the safety of correctional officers, inmates and even others outside of prison. While prison officials, law enforcement, government officials and even cellular carriers are diligently searching for effective solutions to prevent inmate access to and use of contraband cellphones, detection is still the first line of defense.

This eBook reviews some of the complex issues behind the contraband crisis in correctional facilities and details strategies for prison officials and correctional officers to better identify risks and prevent contraband from entering their facilities.

In this free eBook you’ll learn:

  • How to develop your contraband detection skills.
  • How corrections leaders can spot employees subject to corruption.
  • 5 options for contraband cellphone detection
  • How to cure prisons’ contraband mobile phone epidemic

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