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How to build a layered contraband detection strategy and why it matters (eBook)

Multiple screening steps and checkpoints, combined with varied screening technology, will help thwart smuggling into your facility to keep officers and inmates safer

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By Corrections1 BrandFocus Staff

Detection and confiscation of contraband can prevent drug abuse, violence and further criminal acts behind bars. Less contraband also means less risk of costly illness and injury to inmates and corrections staff alike.

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Stopping the flow of smuggled items requires a layered strategy that employs a combination of screening technology and multiple steps and checkpoints to help thwart smuggling and keep officers and inmates safe.

Fill out the form below to download the free eBook. You’ll learn more about why a layered screening strategy is so important and how X-ray and trace detection can help your facility plug holes, as well as practical tips for screening people and parcels:

  • 3 ways to keep contraband under control with detection technology.
  • 4 ways X-ray technology can improve your screening process.
  • How a common airport screening tool can catch drugs behind bars.
  • 3 key strategies for effective visitor screening.
  • And more!