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On-Demand explainer webinar: Deliver public safety services more efficiently and improve cybersecurity on the cloud

Discover the best security postures with high levels of availability and reliability


Improve data security of your mission-critical systems


Event sponsored by Amazon Web Services

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With ransomware and cyber attacks on public safety agencies at an all-time high, the need for cybersecurity could not be greater. It is important to ensure your agency and vendors are securing your invaluable information, but many agencies lack the required resources or expertise to address the challenges alone.

Cloud-based solutions for public safety and emergency response missions empower faster response times and better outcomes. Modern systems for records management, dispatch, emergency communications and investigations enable first responders, public safety and justice agencies with robust and highly-secure systems. With the cloud, even the smallest agencies can access best-in-class technology without having to build and maintain complex IT infrastructure, and public safety and first responders can focus on their missions.

This webinar will give first responders, departments and IT personnel the tools to understand how to deploy mission-critical systems in the cloud, and how to properly evaluate those solutions to assure security, compliance and reliability. We’ll provide examples and use cases where real public safety systems provide top-notch cybersecurity and 24/7 availability from headquarters to the field. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Justice and Public Safety team’s Doug Gartner, Senior Solutions Architect, and Matt Melton, Business Development Manager, will dive into how AWS infrastructure and services support agencies and their technology partners with the tools that achieve mission-critical goals. Some of the concepts they will cover include:

  • How various public safety agencies are using the cloud for mission-critical applications.
  • How to improve security posture in the cloud.
  • How cloud-infrastructure can enable highly available and reliable systems that improve response times and mission-critical operations

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Our Speakers

Doug Gartner, senior solutions architect for justice and public safety at Amazon Web Services



Doug is a long-time software engineer focused on building scalable applications and environments. His area of expertise revolves around data engineering and big data architecture optimization. Doug’s recent focus at AWS has been designing, implementing and securing large-scale systems in the public cloud. Before joining AWS, he spent a number of years with the intelligence community.

Matt Melton, business development manager for justice and public safety at Amazon Web Services

Melton headshot.jpg


Matt is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and served as a naval intelligence officer. Since leaving active duty in 2012, Matt has been focused on bringing innovation into the law enforcement and public safety communities. After working at multiple startups in the law enforcement space, Matt joined AWS in January 2018, where he focuses on working with agencies and technology companies to solve critical problems facing the public safety community.

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