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Infographic: 6 elements of a layered screening approach

Don’t rely on a single screening method to control contraband in your facility

In the correctional environment, relying on a single screening method is not effective for controlling contraband. Using X-ray and trace detection technology to enhance existing searches at various points of entry can boost your efficiency and effectiveness, increasing your ability to keep contraband items out. Background checks for visitors and monitoring inmate phone calls provide additional layers of scrutiny. The infographic below shows six elements of a layered screening process for correctional facilities.

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By Corrections1 BrandFocus Staff

Contraband is one of the biggest challenges in corrections today, and staying on top of the problem requires vigilance and strategy.

This infographic shows how a layered approach using varied methods and tools including X-ray and trace detection technology can boost your ability to catch contraband at the point of entry, as well as improve safety for COs.

You’ll learn more about these six elements of an effective screening process:

  • Visitor background checks
  • Visitor screening
  • Inmate receiving
  • Cell searches
  • Phone monitoring
  • Mail and deliveries

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