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Reducing the influx of narcotics in correctional facilities (white paper)

Download the free white paper to learn how searching at multiple points using varied methods and tools can help you catch more contraband

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By Corrections1 BrandFocus Staff

The opioid crisis continues to rage nationwide, and the popularity of drugs like fentanyl among inmates requires added vigilance. In addition to the safety and security challenges caused by contraband, these drugs make detection and confiscation more critical – and dangerous – than ever.

Reducing the influx of narcotics in correctional facilities, a layered screening approach (uniformed officer with gloves on places a baggie of white powder in an evidence folder)Searching at multiple points using varied methods and tools, including X-ray and trace detection technology, can boost your ability to catch contraband at the point of entry, as well as within your facility, to improve safety for staff, inmates and visitors.

This FREE white paper explores four key screening areas and provides strategies for a thorough contraband narcotics detection process. You’ll learn how technology can improve:

  • Inmate receiving.
  • Cell searches.
  • Mail and deliveries.
  • Employee and visitor screening.

A layered screening approach is needed to fight the flow of illicit drugs. Download the FREE guide now by filling out the form below!