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Garrett Metal Detectors Releases CSI PRO-POINTER

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GARLAND, Texas — Metal Detectors, which has manufactured hand-heldGarrett , walkthrough and ground-search metal detectors for the security industry for 25 years, has introduced a new tool for crime scene investigation. The Garrett CSI PRO-POINTER hand-held pinpointing metal detector can precisely and rapidly pinpoint buried and hidden metallic objects, weapons and evidence.

“The CSI PRO-POINTER, used in conjunction with an effective ground-search metal detector such as Garrett’s CSI 250, is a cost effective solution to speed the recovery of metallic evidence in crime scene investigations,” stated Vaughan Garrett, Vice-President of Public Relations for Garrett Metal Detectors.

This light-weight metal detector, conveniently carried in its supplied belt holster, features continuous audible and vibrating alarms which increase in intensity based on the CSI PRO-POINTER’s proximity to the metallic target.“The CSI PRO-POINTER is durable, water-resistant and even includes an LED flashlight to assist during low light searches,” added Garrett. “It was primarily designed as an accessory ground search recovery tool that will serve as a companion to our popular CSI 250 metal detector.”

The CSI PRO-POINTER has a pinpointing tip and 360-degree side-scanning capability. Its scraping blade allows the user to rake through the soil while digging a target. “As the CSI PRO-POINTER is moved closer to a piece of metallic evidence, it vibrates faster and its audible alarm increases,” Garrett stated. “Garrett Metal Detectors has a long and successful history of supplying law enforcement with affordable tools which benefit crime scene investigations. We are therefore pleased to now offer this important companion detector to complete the crime scene specialist’s arsenal.”

The Garrett CSI PRO-POINTER has an MSRP of $169.95. Garrett metal detectors are made in America in the company’s Garland, Texas, home office facilities and manufacturing plant.

About Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors is a leading manufacturer of metal detection products for security and law enforcement applications worldwide. The company was chosen to develop the equipment for a comprehensive metal detection checkpoint screening system for the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, California, in 1984. This was the first use of metal detection equipment at an Olympic Games. Since that time Garrett has continued to improve techniques for large event checkpoint screening while supplying metal detection products and training for both summer and winter Olympic games. Garrett Metal Detectors is the official metal detector supplier for the upcoming 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. Garrett is International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2000 certified.