Officials investigating rap video filmed in Ga. jail

Inmates recorded the video on the jail’s video visitation system

By C1 Staff

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A rap video was posted to YouTube Saturday, filmed from inside Dekalb County jail, leading investigators to ask how inmates were able to shoot it in the first place.

DeKalb County Sheriff Jeffrey Mann told reporters inmates recorded the video on the jail’s video visitation system.

During the 2 minute and 27-second video, titled “Thuggin’ Live from DeKalb Jail,” about a half dozen inmates can be seen dancing and one flicks a lighter.  

Mann said the inmates will be disciplined and prohibited from using the video visitation system.

Former jail Lt. Kyle Jones said the visitation system needs to be overhauled to prevent such actions in the future.

It’s unclear how the inmate obtained a lighter. 

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