Ex-Cons Receiving Free Discounts on Medications

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Recently released inmates, offenders on probation and Department of Corrections employees and their friends and families have saved more than $500,000 through the use of a free discount drug card provided by Recovery Health Network (RHN) . The card is distributed throughout Department of Corrections prisons and probation offices around the United States.

According to RHN’s records, the average savings is 46%. One individual saved 98% on a single prescription. Getting the cards into the hands of released inmates and offenders on probation at no cost to taxpayers is part of the Department’s Re-Entry Program. The Departments are providing offenders with the free card to help with the burden of skyrocketing prescription drug costs, while also promoting continuity of care for inmates being released. The cards are free to everyone, with no restrictions, and can be presented along with their co-pay/insurance to give the consumer the lower price of the two.

“Our vision within Re-Entry is to provide every released inmate with the tools necessary to succeed in the community. The Free Discount Prescription Card is a tremendous assistance to inmates, and also removes another barrier to ensure a permanent return home,” said William Carr, the Department of Corrections’s Assistant Secretary of Re-entry for the Florida Department of Corrections. “It is important for the inmate to be able to tend to their well-being as they seek and land gainful employment. This is but another step we are taking to reduce recidivism and promote public safety along the way.”

The card is available to everyone via The website also features a “pharmacy locator service” that can search the pharmacies closest to the card holder and provide the lowest price possible for their specific medications at each pharmacy.

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