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E.A.R., Inc. Announces Custom Earpieces and Earplugs for General Communication Equipment, Training, and Firearm Safety

Hatch's Mustang Tac™ Gloves Boulder, CO. - E.A.R., Inc., a leader in specialized hearing protection products, markets several custom earpieces and earplugs for general communication equipment, training, and firearm safety. These include solid, filtered and electronic earplugs... many that will easily adapt to existing systems being used out in the field.

Providing such services through our home office and distribution network allows us to work with many teams throughout the world working on limited budgets, and/or teams working with federal grant money. Making an existing communication system “better” with a custom earpiece provides safety to the officer working tactical operations or just general patrol by reducing the amount of volume needed to reach the ear. A lower volume means less distortion and a better chance to understand the communications the first time around.

For further details, please contact E.A.R., Inc. at 800-525-2690, or visit their website at