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Otis Technology Releases a Revolutionary New Ceramic Barrel Liner

Lets a bullet float on a ceramic layer without touching the metal

LYONS FALLS—Otis Technology introduces the most revolutionary advancement in firearms technology since rifling; LIFELINER a Nano-ceramic Fusion Lifetime Gun Bore Liner.

The OTIS LifeLiner is a revolutionary new nano-ceramic micro composite that fuses to the inside of the rifle bore under the friction of the normal bullet firing cycle. Applied in a liquid form, it reconditions and protects against wear of all barrel bore surfaces; smoothbore, rifles, and pistols in 3 easy steps. During this process atomic sized particles embed in the metal surface and form a ceramic metal fusion that is nearly 800% harder than the best chromium plated barrels available today. Properly applied, it can prolong the bore-life of a barrel virtually indefinitely. It will actually redeposit a cermet coating on worn barrel surfaces. (A cermet is a composite material composed of ceramic (cer) and metallic (met) materials.)

Unlike topically applied friction reducing liquids, the nano-ceramic (subatomic) particles actually fuse to the metal barrel surface, filling in imperfections and surface irregularities. It will effectively redeposit a cermet coating on worn barrel surfaces, adding measurable microns of ceramic/metallic fusion material to the bore. This will increase back pressure while providing newly incredible consistency in Shot-to-Shot velocity.

The OTIS LifeLiner provides a ceramic coating that allows the bullet to glide down the barrel on an atoms-thin liner that protects the metal from contact with the bullet. Application is simple. Just load and fire.

The LIFELINER is available from you local dealer or on-line 24 hours per day at .