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FNH USA, Inc. Company Profile

FNH USA. Inc. is responsible for marketing only the highest quality firearms to those we entrust to keep the peace produced by one of the world’'s most recognized manufacturers.

Established in 1998, FNH USA, Inc. is a full subsidiary of Herstal S.A. (law enforcement and military products (, as well as Browning Inc. (sporting and hunting products) ( Since then we’'ve coordinated all business development activities with U.S. Government agencies, and have also headed up business opportunities within the United States. And in 2001, FNH, Inc. was designated the primary FN Herstal office for law enforcement and military commercial activities in the United States.

FNH USA’'s Military and Law Enforcement products are manufactured in the U.S. by FN Manufacturing Inc. Columbia, SC, and U.S. Repeating Arms Corp. New Haven, CT, plus select products made in Belgium by FN Herstal S.A. This workbook presents FN’'s product offering for Law Enforcement, Military and Commercial Markets.