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Front Line Quad holsters offer versatility and reliability

Wear it however you like, with whatever you like, and know you’ll have a safe and smooth draw when you need your firearm


Photo courtesy of Front Line

By C1 Staff

Front Line’s Quad holsters offer the choice of wearing your holster in any way you like it – inside or outside the waist band, and on the right or left side.

The holster can be affixed to a paddle or belt hook with pockets on either side of the holster, allowing for ambidextrous wearing options for the user. If you feel like sharing, this is one holster that fits all.

Front Line’s holster comes available in black or brown leather, over molded Kydex (a particularly strong type of plastic) and is lined with suede to allow a smooth draw every time.

Women can also easily wear the Quad holster on the outside of a skirt and feel comfortable.

The holster is also easily concealed while wearing workout gear for runners and others who may be wearing light or thin clothing.

For more information, check out Front Line’s website.