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Remington 11-87 Shotgun Product Information

Remington 11-87 Shotgun The Remington Model 11-87 (sometimes misspelled as 1187) was announced in the year 1987 as an improved and strengthened version of the Remington model 1100 shotgun. The new model is technically similar to its predecessor but is stronger because it is intended to fire 3" (76 mm) magnum shells. Both model 1100 and 11-87 are manufactured in parallel, and at the present time (end of 2002) Remington catalog list about 20 hunting variants of the Model 11-87 plus at least four Police / Tactical models. These Police / Tactical models differ from the hunting and sporting guns by having black parkerized finish, polymer only stocks, relatively short barrels and rifle-type sights (with blade front and open or ghost-ring rear). Most Police / Tactical models are equipped with magazine extension tube by standard. All 11-87 shotguns are fitted with rubber recoil pads on the buttstocks to decrease felt recoil. It is slightly heavier than model 1100 shotgun, and offers bigger effective range and bigger firepower due to the more powerful Magnum ammunition it fired, but it comes at the price of the stronger felt recoil. Remington model 11-87 tactical shotguns are widely used by the Law Enforcement and even some military forces in the USA and worldwide.

Remington 11-87 is a gas operated, semi-automatic, magazine fed shotgun. It is very similar to the model 1100 but some parts, including barrels, ARE NOT interchangeable between models 1100 and 11-87. Gas cylinder is located around the front part of the magazine tube. Annular gas piston is linked to the action by two action bars. The barrel locking is achieved by the single locking piece, tilting in the vertical plane and engaging the slot in the barrel extension when locked. To unlock the barrel, this locking piece is cammed down and then bolt is retracted by the gas drive, to eject a spent case and to feed a fresh cartridge from the underbarrel tube magazine. Remington 11-87 has a bolt catch which locks the bolt in the open position if the magazine is empty. The magazine is loaded through the opening at the bottom of the receiver, and spent cases are ejected through the window at the right side of the receiver. Cocking handle is located at the right side and is mounted on the bolt. The model 11-87 can be equipped with different types of sights (standard shotgun bead type, rifle-type open sights, rifle type ghost ring (diopter) sight) and with different stocks made from wood or plastic. Various accessories, such as tactical lights, laser aiming devices and scope mounts, also available.

Type: gas operated, semi-automatic
Gauge: 12 (3" - 76 mm chamber)
Length: 965 mm (with 18" barrel) mm
Barrel length: 14" (355 mm), 18" (457 mm) or 20" (508 mm)
Weight: 3.6 kg with 18" barrel
Capacity: 5 (standard) or 7 (with magazine extender) rounds in underbarrel tube magazine