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TCI Sponsors 2010 U.S. SWAT Sniper Championships

Tactical Command Industries, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of tactical communication headsets and earpiece systems, sponsored the Tactical Command Sectorization Problem as part of the 2010 U.S. SWAT Sniper Championships and 2010 U.S. National SWAT Championships. The championships were held June 21–26 at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK and involved as many as thirty-eight tactical teams.

The U.S. National SWAT and SWAT Sniper Championships are competitions for SWAT teams from across the country and were also attended by tactical teams from Canada and Europe. The competitions consist of various live-fire and physically demanding stages that were designed to test many facets of modern tactical operations and all were modeled after real-life scenarios and training practices.

TCI also partnered with Avon in an event they sponsored called the Avon Barricaded Gunman Event. Avon and TCI demonstrated the extensive comfort and capabilities of Avon Protection System’s FM53 Gas Mask (PAPR) and TCI’s CommLink communication integration with the FM53. In this stage, each team entered a shoot house by breaching a door, deploying a flash-bang distraction device, then clearing each room as they look for the barricaded gunman, all while wearing full tactical gear, including the FM53 air purifying respirators and TCI Liberator II Tactical Headsets. Participants left the stage with a very positive impression of products and capabilities provided by Avon and TCI.

TCI’s Liberator II Tactical Headset has been widely deployed by military and tactical teams in sixty-two countries since 2004. Liberator II Tactical Headsets provide state of the art digital threat reduction capability, situational awareness enhancement, exceptional hearing protection capability and industry-leading tactical communication capability. Contact TCI for more information.

The competitions are owned and managed by Advanced SWAT Training LLC, an Arizona company specializing in tactical team training for law enforcement and military agencies.

TCI will also be a Diamond Sponsor of the Urban Shield tactical and homeland security exercises in Northern, CA in October.