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XS Sight Systems Partnership with Khyber Training Announces XS LE/MIL Training Division

FORT WORTH, TexasXS® Sight Systems announces their strategic partnership with Khyber Interactive Associates LLC (Khyber) to develop and implement the XS® Law Enforcement & Military Training Division. This development is a proactive step in reaching out to professionals who depend on their weapon systems, and is designed to integrate XS® Sights combat effective products and the intense real-world application training that Khyber delivers.

“XS® Sight Systems has relied on Wes Doss for over a decade as one of our top go-to trainers in the industry.” Says Stephanie Pastusek, Director of Marketing for XS® Sights. “Wes is knowledgeable, innovative, experienced and an honor to work with. XS® Sights is proud to partner with Wes thru Khyber Training to bring our products and their level of expertise together by creating training programs that focus on sights, lights and lasers for Law Enforcement and Military professionals.”

“We’re thrilled to be part of a team with XS® Sights”, says Wes Doss, President & Founder of Khyber Interactive Associates LLC. “Integrity is what professional trainers base their businesses and livelihood on, when there’s an opportunity to work with a product that we adamantly stand behind its a tremendous honor.” Doss further stated, “The law enforcement and military industry is under enormous pressure, as a result of domestic and global commitments coupled with shrinking budgets, to deliver better training with superior products is a win/win for Khyber, XS® Sights and our customers. ”

About XS® Sights Systems
XS® Sight Systems is a family owned business located in Fort Worth, Texas. For over 17 years XS® has been a leader in precision manufacturing of practical hunting and combat effective tactical products for civilian, law enforcement and military professionals. XS® 24/7 Tritium gunfighter sights utilize a shallow rear V and visible front Dot, designed for quick front sight acquisition in full to low lighting conditions. If you need a gun, you need XS® Sights.

Find upgrades for your personal conceal/carry, rifle and shotgun aftermarket by visiting or emailing Available on manufacture models direct thru Marlin, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, DPMS Panther Arms, Mossberg, North American Arms, Colt, Kahr, Beretta, Springfield Armory, Henry Rifles and STI International. Join XS® on Facebook and Twitter for the latest in news and new product releases. Thank you for your support of American made products.

About Khyber Interactive Associates, LLC
Arizona based Khyber Interactive Associates (Khyber), founded in 1992, is a world-class emergency response training, research and consulting company recognized world-wide for delivering unparalleled tactical training services to Law Enforcement, Military, security and Private Sector clients. The company, led by world-renowned tactical subject matter expert, Wes Doss, has been providing comprehensive training and operational support to warriors in the United States, Canada, Central America, Asia and Europe for over two decades.

Khyber’s proven real-world training programs are designed to enhance the conditioning, mechanical skills and psychological performance of the warriors that they train. Khyber programs, available for both individuals and teams, are offered at select training facilities and host agencies world-wide. Khyber’s specialized services range from precision weapons and VIP security courses to defense tactics and K9 operations programs. For more information on Khyber, or to view the full range of programs that they offer, please log on to