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‘Stronger every day': Lexipol announces second annual First Responder Wellness Week

Lexipol places public safety wellness at the forefront with a week dedicated to education, community and support

First Responder Wellness Week 2024

By Editorial Staff

DALLAS, Texas — Lexipol, the leader in policy, training and wellness support for public safety and government leaders, will be marking the second annual First Responder Wellness Week March 25-29, 2024.

Every year, more first responders die by suicide than in the line of duty, and 85% of public safety professionals have experienced symptoms related to mental health conditions. The wellness challenge is not a small one for first responders. Lexipol created First Responder Wellness Week to build awareness of the mental, physical and relational wellness challenges facing first responders; to educate first responders on how to effectively care for themselves, their colleagues and their families; and to equip agencies to provide holistic support. This year’s theme, “Stronger Every Day,” emphasizes the importance of building strength in every area of wellness to help first responders stay healthy and serve their communities safely and professionally.

“First Responder Wellness Week is an initiative that seeks to transform the way we think about wellness, as individual first responders, as agency leaders and as an industry,” says Dr. David Black, Lexipol’s president of wellness solutions. “First responders face significant stress and trauma every day on the job; they need physical and mental strength to understand and mitigate the impacts of this stress. That’s what Lexipol addresses through resources, education, support and community, this week and every week.”

Because the vast majority of first responders report cultural stigma against asking for help, one key purpose of First Responder Wellness Week is “smashing the stigma” and starting conversations. That’s why each day of First Responder Wellness Week will have a different focus: physical fitness, peer support, nutrition, mental health and family wellness. These daily topics will be explored by subject matter experts in live events, new articles, videos and resources.

Lexipol launched the inaugural First Responder Wellness Week in 2023, garnering a significant response from agencies and public safety professionals across the country. Over 60,000 individuals engaged with content on and more than 13,000 requested additional resources. This year, Lexipol plans to continue this effort to reach and equip more first responders to take control of their wellness.

See how you can get involved in First Responder Wellness Week and learn more about Lexipol’s wellness solutions for public safety personnel and their families.