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Controlling a subject in the prone position

Here is an effective method for controlling a potentially combative subject who is lying face down on the ground.

Master Defense Tactics Instructor, Abdul Mohamed, is the Tactical Officer and Training Coordinator for Black Tiger Tactical System. A Use of Force Expert, Abdul has a background in the fields of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Private Security, Self Defense, Martial Arts and Military Instructions, as well as numerous certifications and awards. He is a Correctional Officer for King County Jail in WA State, is employed as a Reserve Police Officer for the city of Fife, WA, was the Tactical Officer and Training Coordinator for the Criminal Justice Training Commission in Burien, WA and also served nearly two years as an elite Personal Bodyguard for the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia.

Internationally, Abdul was also a Martial Arts Instructor, specializing in Street Self Defense. He possesses numerous Black Belts in many different arts.

You can contact Abdul through the Black Tiger Tactical System website