Easy-open, easy-close baton helps protect COs

Can be opened right in front of an officer's body, which offers unprecedented convenience for correction officers

By Ashley Garst
C1 Editor

Correctional institutions are full of small, enclosed spaces. The amount of time it takes to reach for and deploy a weapon can mean the difference between life and death, so officers need something that’s quick and easy to use.

That's where the Talon Disc Loc, Button-Release Baton, by Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), comes in.

"The Talon Baton has several unique features that make it very useful to correctional officers," said Andy Skoogman, ASP Marketing Director. "Perhaps the two most useful features are the ability to close the Talon without impact and open it in very close quarters."

The Talon has a simple yet sophisticated design: two opposing internal discs secure each of the baton’s shafts in place, ensuring the lockout is stable and secure. A retention groove at the bottom of the grip improves an officer's grasp, and less than 20 moving parts makes it easy to service in the field.

"Many correctional facilities have a lot of grated flooring and few solid walls depending on how the cells are designed," Skoogman said.

"Unlike batons that must be struck against a solid surface to close, the Talon can be closed by simply pushing the button with one hand and pressing the shaft against your other hand or another body part, such as your leg."

The Talon can be opened just as quickly by pulling on the tip of the shaft. Other expandable batons need to be flicked to the sky or the ground, requiring more room to open. The Talon can be opened right in front of an officer's body, which offers unprecedented convenience for correction officers.

Launched August of this year, the Talon Baton is being marketed to all public safety professionals. It retails between $165 and $180, depending on the length desired. For more details, check out ASP's website

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