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Officers Provide Feedback On The RBC From Peacekeeper Products

Don’t take our word for it. Read why so many agencies have switched to the RCB.

As you know, it is difficult to get a name attached to a testimonial. We respect the confidentiality of those that do not want their names/agency attached to the testimonials yet they want to share their opinion. Others are able to have their name beside an industry changing product. We welcome your testimonial once you have evaluated or approved the RCB for your department.

Dear Mr. Tanzini,

” First, I want to thank you for making such a great product. I’m a cop in the San Diego area and just had a hell of a fight with a 6-2, 250 pound man drunk and high out of his mind on Meth- so much so that he was able to take three Taser hits and not go down.

The RCB did it’s job perfectly and was the most effective tool brought to the fight.

Down here, the RCB is known as the “45 caliber” of batons. When I went through the academy, the RCB was shown as the “serious baton” for “serious situations”.

You can use my email as a testimonial; just take out my name and department for now, since the case is still pending.

Thanks again for great customer service. “

- Police Officer, Southern California

” The quality of the RCB is superior to any other expandable baton I’ve evaluated. It’s about time some one came up with and expandable baton that does what a baton used to do! “

- Police Officer, MO

” We are a large Sheriff’s Department in California. After having several multiple strike incidences with our original expandable baton, our administrators saw the R.C.B. at a trade show. They were quite impressed. After thorough evaluation, our department has switched exclusively over to the RCB and have removed all other expandables from our policy. Great product. “

- Training Officer, CA Sheriff’s Dept.

Dear Peacekeeper,

I am a training manager for a large West Coast police department and a 25 year veteran officer.
We were previousley limited to using an expandable baton of much less mass and proportional weight, in MY opinion, much LIGHTER duty construction. Sometimes (frequently ) the tip came off. It was thin and ineffective on serious combatants. I am very happy to report that we are now authorized to carry the RCB baton in various lengths. The RCB is a well constructed and hard hitting expandable. The weight is where it should be: in the forward third of the weapon. It hits HARD, is therefore potentionally going to endfights faster with less strikes needed to effect compliance.

Additonally, one can use it for thrust (jab) strikes- you cannot do this with the previously approved expandable baton.

I am happy to have this product as an option.
(Please- for obvious reasons, don’t use my full name as we are not allowed to endorse products in an offical capacity)
Take care.

” I am glad to get an impact weapon back on my belt. I took my ASP off my belt because it was ineffective when I needed to resort to an impact weapon.”

- Police Officer, TX

Dear Peacekeeper Products:

I have been carrying the RCB baton for about a year now. I have not personally been able to use my baton in an altercation yet, but I have several fellow officers that have. The RCB has performed extremely well!

I am a Defensive tactics instructor for my department and I am a big advocate of the RCB. The uses of force that have involved the use of the RCB have all ended with our officers taking the subject into custody, without injury to the officer.

The RCB is an excellent tool. It is very comfortable to hold and to swing. With some other collapsible batons, it is hard to grip the small handle. Not the RCB.

I would like to thank Peacekeeper Products for making an excellent product. Your customer service is above and beyond any other company.

Thank You!

” We “thought” that there was no need for an impact weaon in our department since our current expandable baton was rarely used. While performing an evaluation on less lethal options, we discovered that our officers used their baton as a last resort because they did not have any confidence in our current impact weapon as an effective option. We have just finished our evaluation on the RCB. It brings the impact weapon back into the continuum as an effective option. We will be placing a significant order shortly. “

- Training Deputy, CA Sheriff’s Dept.


I have submitted my proposal for full implementation of the RCB and will be removing our other batons from our policy.
Our command staff has been interested in the RCB for some time so I hope to get a response within the next two weeks. I have your T & E batons and holsters here in a box. I can return them to you now, or hold on to them pending our purchase order for 250 of each. Just let me know ..... By the way, we had our first RCB use the other day. We call it the " No Mas ! " incident.
Our suspect stopped resisting and yelled " No Mas ! " after ONE strike to the back of the thigh with the RCB. It was one of the use of force instructors that used the baton ... needless to say, good timing again because that incident was documented on the command staff’s incident log prior to me submitting my proposal .......


” We are very impressed with the quality and features of the R.C.B. We considered going back to the wood straight stick until we evaluated the R.C.B. Great product! "

- Training Coordinator, Northern Calif. P.D.

” Our department wants to and will be switching to the R.C.B., however, since we spent tens of thousands of dollars on one ineffective expandable baton several years later, it is hard for us to justify another immediate purchase even if your product is the most effective expandable baton available. It’s refreshing to know that someone is addressing this issue. "

- New Jersey Police Dept.

” The RCB is an excellent choice over my current worthless baton. I can’t wait for department approval. "

- Officer Dustin Ciscel

” I work for a medium size sheriff’s department in California ..... " The RCB is an outstanding tool, which provides amazing results. "

- Dep. V. Messmore

” This baton is impressive. (R.C.B.) As part of our evaluation, just the deployment of the R.C.B. made two suspects submit. No strikes were necessary. "

- Lt. /San Diego Sheriff’s

” Following an evaluation on the RCB, the baton seemed to be very well made. The holster thickness seems to take up some room on my belt, but the trade off for effectiveness is well worth it. I was impressed with the effectiveness of the strike. I took my other expandable baton off of my belt because it lacked effectiveness, but I am willing to strap the RCB on my belt and continue to carry a baton.

- Police Officer R. Stauber

” Wow! I was impressed with the effectiveness of the RCB as an impact weapon. "

- Police Officer, IL