Sabre OC Spray Testimonials

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about our experience with Security Equipment Corporations Sabre MK-9 5.0 Oleoresin Capsicum.

As the institution's Armory Officer and Chemical Agents instructor, I test and order all chemical agents for our prison. After several conversations about Sabre, I ordered the MK-9 5.0. The 5.0 is issued to our on-duty incident responders; all other officers carry other company's O.C. products. As usual, people are resistant to change. However, after only a couple of Sabre deployments, staff loves the Sabre product. Other staff has requested to carry the Sabre as well.

Our experience is that the Sabre is more consistent in its head and the ultraviolet dye works well for identifying involved combatants. Most importantly, the Sabre gets the desired effect of stopping fights, reducing the need for any further use of force and the safety of our staff.

We are very happy with the effects of the product.

- Dale Paugh
Chemical Agents Instructor
Sierra Conservation Center

To my fellow law enforcement professionals,

I am a sergeant with the Florida Dept. of Corrections. Currently, I oversee the arsenal at a major correctional facility. In my twelve years with the department, I have seen many changes. One of the best changes came when line officers were given authorization to carry MK-4 canisters of OC while on duty. The first brand chosen was helpful, but was later determined to be only marginally effective. After many trials were conducted at the state level, the department decided to change to a new brand called "Sabre Red."

I have personally seen and experienced the effects of this product and I can assure you that this agent does exactly what the company says it will do. I have used "Sabre Red" on 18 occasions; incidents involving weapons, assaults on staff or brawling inmates. This product works! I have put my life on the line with it several times, once while disarming a shiv wielding inmate.

The prison where I work is maximum security and houses around 1300 inmates. Three quarters of our population is sentenced to "life" and the rest have lengthily sentences as well. Needless to say, controlling this type of population is a dangerous task; however, "Sabre Red" is a significant factor in our ability to do just that. The use of physical force and forced cell extractions are quickly becoming a thing of the past; something I never would have imagined. The larger MK-9 canisters are ideal for dealing with barricaded subjects or disruptive crowds. We once stopped a minor disturbance involving an entire cell block with just one MK-9 canister.

Using this product will reduce issues of liability, but more importantly, it will help keep your staff safe. That is my main purpose in writing this letter and in sharing my experiences with you. I want all of the brave law enforcement officers out there to be as safe as possible. I urge you to test this chemical agent. Once you do, I'm sure you will see that my assessment is accurate.

Sgt. A. H. Magaha
Florida Department of Corrections
400 Tedder Rd. Century, FL 32535
850-256-2600 ext. 334

I am writing to you regarding Sabre Red 10% OC containing 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids.

I recently attended an Intermediate Use of Force Instructor course through Red Man Training Institute from February 23-27, 2004. During one of the drills we were to receive a Level one Chemical Agent contamination from Sabre Red and then complete the use-of-force drill. I have completed drills similar to this after being contaminated with other products. The effects from Sabre Red were immediate and totally devastating. I have been contaminated over 150 times, and have been exposed to just about everything on the market. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of Sabre Red, and due to my first hand experience with your product I can make the following statement with confidence. Sabre Red was the most devastatingly effective chemical agent I have had the unfortunate opportunity to experience!

Experience is the best teacher, and experiencing Sabre Red has provided me with an exceptional faith in your product I do not pay my officers to lose, and Sabre Red is another tool in their arsenal that will give them the winning edge. Whether on a Search and Recovery mission, quelling a disturbance, or jogging after work, you can guarantee that I want Sabre Red protecting me "All the way!"

Thank you for creating such an excellent, life-saving product.

- Sergeant Shane Deaton
Emergency Response Team Commander
Macomb Correctional Facility
34625 26 Mile Road
New Haven, MI 48048
586-749-4900 ext. 120

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Thank You!

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