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Jails and Prisons Deploy SwabTek™ to Fight Narcotics Use

SAN DIEGO -- SwabTekTM is unveiling the next release of their new generation of test kits, a General Narcotics Test Kit. The General Narcotics Test can detect multiple classes of narcotics, enabling the user to screen for a broad spectrum of drugs of abuse. Like all other kits in the SwabTek portfolio, the General Narcotics Test produces instant results and is designed to test samples collected from any surface or medium. The test is free of toxins and hazardous liquid chemicals, making it safe for use in any environment.


SwabTek General Narcotics Screening Test Kit, Ideal for Corrections Facilities, Law Enforcement and Security Checkpoints.

The General Narcotics Test was designed to help combat the troubling rise of drug abuse and overdoses facing the United States’ prisons and jails. Many correctional institutions have struggled with detecting contraband smuggled into their facilities as a result of innovative smuggling techniques and the emergence of narcotics that are difficult to detect.

Synthetic cannabinoids, often referred to as “K2" or “Spice,” have become a prominent narcotic in corrections institutions due to the difficulty of detecting them using traditional test kits. In addition, the practice of impregnating paper or textile material with K2/Spice or another narcoticshas become a common technique used to circumvent many screening tools and practices. SwabTek’s General Narcotics Test Kit provides a solution that addresses these challenges.

The SwabTek General Narcotics Test Kit screens for many classes drugs of abuse by targeting narcotic family types, and their analogs and bases. The test screens for the synthetic cannabinoid class, including all indoles, pyrroles, and phenols, which are commonly distributed as K2/Spice. The extensive list of target compounds captured by the test also includes scheduled narcotics such as amphetamines, opioids, fentanyl, cocaine, LSD, benzodiazepines, and precursors such as amines and alkaloids.

The easy to use swab-based test makes it the perfect tool for detecting narcotics impregnated into paper or textile material. The swab used in collection is pre-treated with a natural solvent to extract any compound that may be infused in a material sample. As with all SwabTek tests, the swab can also be used to screen other samples including pills, powders, liquids, oils, and plant matter.

The broad scope of the test makes it a great preliminary screen when used in conjunction with more targeted tests, or as the sole screen in enforcing zero-tolerance drug policy in settings such as airports, private workplaces, and schools.

SwabTek’s new line of products is now available for sale online through the company’s ecommerce storefront at To learn more about SwabTek’s portfolio of test kits, visit the resources section of the SwabTek website for downloadable instructions and further information: