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RaySecur and Moderna Security partnership named finalist for OSPA award

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After partnering with RaySecur, Moderna bolsters its security posture as recognized by the Outstanding Security Performance Awards.

BOSTON — RaySecur®, the leading provider of T-ray security imaging technology, is announcing that the award committee for the Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) has selected RaySecur and its partner Moderna® as a finalist for an Outstanding Security Partnership award. To be considered, a company must demonstrate how the partnership resulted in clear, sustainable business benefits and a positive performance impact.

RaySecur was selected to deploy its new T-ray security screening technology and develop security protocols for the biotech’s global environment. Moderna recognized a gap in its mail security protocols, which came to light after a period of explosive growth and heightened public awareness during the pandemic. The ideal solution had to meet Moderna’s global scalability requirements to secure domestic and overseas locations and seamlessly integrate with existing security protocols.

Working closely with Moderna executives and their in-house security team, RaySecur conducted an enterprise-wide mail risk assessment and developed tailored security procedures that easily integrated with Moderna’s existing technology and facilities. The partnership provided Moderna with professional security consulting and expert monitoring services along with the installation of MailSecur® T-ray screening platforms. With RaySecur, screeners can quickly discern suspicious mail items without conducting a detailed manual inspection. Moderna also has access to the RaySecur’s professional services team, made up of former military EOD and law enforcement experts, for 24x365 analysis and consulting.

The leading-edge DHS SAFETY-designated MailSecur scanners required only minutes to set up, and screening commenced immediately. Personnel with minimal experience had a short learning curve due to the intuitive user interface, the ability to interact with objects as they were screening them, and on-demand training support. And with MailSecur’s portability, expanding the screening operation to include remote executive protection was possible. All this ensured Modern had access to mail screening procedures and technology that could flex and scale globally.

The OSPAs will be announced at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) event, which is being held in Dallas, TX, from September 11-13 of this year. RaySecur is exhibiting at GSX and can be found in booth 4378. The OSPAs are awarded yearly and were created in 2015 to recognize outstanding performance in the security industry. The OSPAs are overseen by ASIS international and are designed to be independent, credible, ethical, and transparent.

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