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Re-Entry and Recidivism

The Re-Entry and recidivism topic covers programs and policies related to inmate transition from prison back into the community, as well as relapse into criminal behavior.

“Virginia’s consistently low recidivism rates demonstrate our commitment to evidence-based re-entry. We want everyone in our custody and under our supervision to make the best possible return to society,” VADOC Director Chad Dotson said
These individuals are a valuable source of information for your case file
“I’m most excited about applications designed to support those on supervision and improve outcomes.”
This research aims to shed light on the influence of leadership styles within correctional facilities on recidivism rates
By identifying patterns and making data-driven predictions, technology can help in assessing the risk factors associated with each offender
Effective communication is critical in any setting, but it becomes even more significant within the context of the criminal justice system, where people’s lives and futures are at stake
“Coming to a women’s prison, I feel like it has really changed my perspective on why I work in prison reform,” Kim Kardashian said during her first visit to California Central Women’s Facility
Between July 2018, and June 2019, 36,086 individuals were released from state prisons, 41.9% of which went on to reoffend within a three-year period
As a part of broader reforms, the “Art in Max” project marks a small part of the beginning of the transformation of solitary confinement in Washington State prisons
The order “charts a new path for us to collaborate with all state agencies to address the needs of justice-involved people in every space,” Adult Correction Secretary Todd Ishee said
The pilot program would use taxpayer money to provide cash assistance to people leaving Colorado prisons if they agree to participate in a workforce development program
This program at the Denver County Jail will help people to get back on their feet and be productive citizens after they leave, which will in turn hopefully lead to reducing recidivism in Denver, Sheriff Elias Diggins said
The program assigns two inmate handlers to each dog; inmates are compensated for working with the dogs
A probation officer’s credibility is judged by the quality of their field visit documentation
The department’s vision centers around transforming the state’s correctional system, “which has been historically perceived as a punitive model, " shifting to a focus on rehabilitation and restoration, and reducing recidivism
The council suggests retraining corrections officers, reducing inmate numbers for individual cells, enhancing staff amenities and creating re-entry beds for post-release transition
The Correctional Training Facility hosted a friendly soccer match, with ESPN Deportes recording it all
Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released early in the day from the Chillicothe Correctional Center; she was granted parole after serving 85% of her sentence
Among the states that reported lower recidivism, Iowa, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia all have pointed to reentry or other rehabilitative programs as part of the reason
Digital technologies allow prison-involved individuals and their families the tools they need to maintain close relationships despite physical distance
The $498,500 grant will be used toward re-entry services and initiatives; these programs target underlying systems that cause criminal behavior which can have an impact on recidivism rates
Facilitating job access for returning citizens not only aids their reintegration but also addresses workforce shortages, officials said
“Removing barriers to reentry and providing justice-involved individuals with a second chance is critical to the rehabilitation process,” NYS DOCCS Acting Commissioner Daniel Martuscello said
The unit that houses the Jail Dogs program will be reallocated to some inmates who need treatment for long-term medical conditions
The IGNITE program aims to help inmates make changes in their lives intentionally through education
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CDCR prison officials have touted the revitalized degree as a pioneering program that could serve as a national model, created exclusively for incarcerated students
Fostering successful offender reintegration amid the challenges of accurate risk prediction
Two new videos explain the process and share testimonials from former inmates