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Re-Entry and Recidivism

The Re-Entry and recidivism topic covers programs and policies related to inmate transition from prison back into the community, as well as relapse into criminal behavior.

In 2023, incarcerated students wrote to Los Rios Community College, criticizing the program for lacking proper counseling and teaching classes without books or computers
The mobile welding trailer has six welding stations for inmates within the mobile learning center; the trailer is also equipped with six virtual reality welding simulators
At the peak of the inmate firefighter program in 2005, there were 192 crews, or 4,250 inmate firefighters, CDCR says; now there are about 83 hand crews, or 1,760 participants
The Lima Symphony Orchestra performed at Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution to support rehabilitation through their “Healing Through Music” program
The E2E network, which was piloted at California State Prison, Solano, connects inmates with employers and helps them to secure employment before they are released
The event inside the Correctional Training Facility showcased 19 vehicles, along with two motorcycles, from New Arrivals and Aztec Legacy
Renowned chef Fernando Ruiz, a three-time Food Network champion, is leading an eight-week culinary training course for inmates at the Penitentiary of New Mexico
While the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Farm is home to mainly confiscated animals, the farm also serves as a unique criminal justice reform program for inmates
Virginia ranks at the top for lowest incarceration rates while Mississippi had the highest increase, according to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics
The Laramie County Sheriff’s Office program allows inmates to get outside of the jail facilities, while also giving back to the community
Through a $1.5 million grant, incarcerated students at MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institute can take classes, such as philosophy, criminal justice, mathematics and more
The most effective programs, in my view, are those in which staff members confront the inmates about the problems and behavior that got them locked up
The episode followed three inmate workers at State Farm Correctional Complex who shared insights about the valuable re-entry skills they are gaining in agribusiness
An old medical warehouse will now be used to teach Pulaski County inmates skills from lawn care to welding, in hopes of reducing recidivism
The corrections director said sweat lodges are a culturally specific way to address the spiritual needs of indigenous inmates — and hopefully reduce recidivism
Prisoners can earn credits in a variety of ways; for example, earning a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate would earn a prisoner 120 days credit
Pell Grants were officially restored for incarcerated students in 2023, following a nearly 30-year ban that prohibited most incarcerated students from receiving the aid
The event, which had more than two dozen speakers sharing inspirational stories, was the first of its kind in a Virginia prison
Exploring how technology and personalized coaching methods can revamp corrections systems, reduce recidivism, and improve safety for correctional officers and inmates alike
The Vera Institute of Justice has developed an alternative approach to corrections that relies on dynamic security strategies, restorative practices and a mentorship model
Recidivism in Michigan has hovered around 30% in recent years and it reflects a sharp drop from 1998, when the rate was 45.7%, officials said
“Unlocked: A Jail Experiment” follows 46 inmates for six weeks without locks or officers in the Pulaski County Regional Detention facility
“Virginia’s consistently low recidivism rates demonstrate our commitment to evidence-based re-entry. We want everyone in our custody and under our supervision to make the best possible return to society,” VADOC Director Chad Dotson said
These individuals are a valuable source of information for your case file
“I’m most excited about applications designed to support those on supervision and improve outcomes.”
This research aims to shed light on the influence of leadership styles within correctional facilities on recidivism rates
By identifying patterns and making data-driven predictions, technology can help in assessing the risk factors associated with each offender
Effective communication is critical in any setting, but it becomes even more significant within the context of the criminal justice system, where people’s lives and futures are at stake
“Coming to a women’s prison, I feel like it has really changed my perspective on why I work in prison reform,” Kim Kardashian said during her first visit to California Central Women’s Facility