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Re-Entry & Recidivism

The Re-Entry and recidivism topic covers programs and policies related to inmate transition from prison back into the community, as well as relapse into criminal behavior.

The $498,500 grant will be used toward re-entry services and initiatives; these programs target underlying systems that cause criminal behavior which can have an impact on recidivism rates
Facilitating job access for returning citizens not only aids their reintegration but also addresses workforce shortages, officials said
“Removing barriers to reentry and providing justice-involved individuals with a second chance is critical to the rehabilitation process,” NYS DOCCS Acting Commissioner Daniel Martuscello said
The unit that houses the Jail Dogs program will be reallocated to some inmates who need treatment for long-term medical conditions
The IGNITE program aims to help inmates make changes in their lives intentionally through education
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CDCR prison officials have touted the revitalized degree as a pioneering program that could serve as a national model, created exclusively for incarcerated students
Fostering successful offender reintegration amid the challenges of accurate risk prediction
Two new videos explain the process and share testimonials from former inmates
“The study on RICMS’ impact proves that community-based services improve public safety,” said Venessa Martin, director of reentry at LA County’s JCOD
Aligning with high-demand jobs, the initiative carves a new pathway for post-incarceration job and life stability
State legislators study Norway’s rehabilitative incarceration model to combat high recidivism rates in California
Amber Marshall’s appointment aims to address gender-specific needs within Arizona’s correctional system
Emma Coronel Aispuro served a 3-year sentence for money laundering and helping El Chapo’s 2015 tunnel escape from prison in Mexico
Along with fall freshmen all over the country, adults in custody at USP Atlanta were officially admitted and began their first semester of collegiate courses