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Officers using SwabTek™ Test Kits to Protect US Parks and Wildlife

SAN DIEGO -- SwabTekTM is pleased to announce that a third State Fish and Wildlife Agency has adopted its technology. This customer joins the two other Fish and Wildlife State departments and four national and state parks departments actively using SwabTek’s threat detection kits to help secure and protect the nation’s natural resources.


SwabTek kits are designed for the dynamic environments of national parks.

SwabTek’s tests have proven to be an effective tool for parks and wildlife officers due to their simplicity and mobility. The tests are self-contained, lightweight, and durable, making them the perfect tool to help expand the departments’ enforcement capabilities for narcotics and firearms.

Park Rangers and Game Wardens across the country are actively using Swabek’s narcotics tests and newly released Gunshot Residue Test Kit to protect themselves from fentanyl, protect families from narcotics traffickers and identify poachers.

The quick and non-invasive gunshot residue test allows game wardens to presumptively identify whether a suspect has fired a weapon, allowing them to take quick and decisive action. Without the aid of SwabTek’s on-site analysis, Gunshot Residue samples must be sent away to a lab — a process that is more complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. The test also allows the officers to collect better samples for the laboratory to use in criminal proceedings if necessary.

SwabTek’s narcotics test kits have provided tremendous value to park rangers and game wardens across the country by enabling them to police drug use and drug trafficking on public parkland. Since certification training is quick and easy to get started, departments can efficiently and inexpensively equip all their officers with the tools they need to keep their parks safe. Unlike many other presumptive test kits, SwabTek’s tests are also free of any toxins or acids. This allows departments to deploy the tests easily and safely to rangers and officers working in the field, without the additional burden of safety concerns, acid neutralizers, or HAZMAT disposal.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife has employed the use of SwabTek’s tests to great success over the past two years. “SwabTek kits are small and easy to carry, while proving to be effective for testing narcotics in the highly variable environments in which Game Wardens work,” said a Lieutenant of the Department.

SwabTek’s full range of threat detection kits is available for sale through the company’s website at To learn more about SwabTek’s portfolio of test kits, visit the resources section of the SwabTek website for downloadable instructions and further information: