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RaySecur is the leading provider of mail security, screening solutions, and professional services for the detection of drugs and contraband. RaySecur’s MailSecur system is the world’s first Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designated T-ray scanner, delivering a live, 3D video of hidden contents inside a sealed mail item – without opening it. Use of MailSecur in correctional facilities reduces mail screening time, protects staff from accidental drug exposures, and maintains an inmate’s privacy when screening legal correspondences. MailSecur can be used as a mobile screening platform with an integrated battery pack delivering over 24 hours of run-time for screening anywhere in the facility.

RaySecur’s professional services are delivered by a dedicated team comprised of former law enforcement narcotics and military threat experts. Services include remote and on-site trainings, continuous education, corrections intelligence, screening best practices, and 24x365 expert support for a real-time second opinion.

MailSecur’s intuitive real-time imaging allows corrections staff to detect the smallest and hardest-to-find substances in a matter of seconds such as drug-laced papers and K2/K3, suboxone strips, small quantities of powders and liquids, electronics, sharps, and other contraband – all without opening the mail.

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