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Whitepaper: Improve the public safety scheduling process through automation

This free whitepaper will show you how to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance by automating staffing and scheduling


Automated scheduling solution can help reduce costs and save valuable time

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By Corrections1 BrandFocus Staff

Scheduling is one of the most difficult tasks facing agencies today. Many unique factors such as 24/7 coverage, minimum staffing, employee availibility, certifications, seniority, multiple locations, union rules and fatigue controls most be considered for every staffing decision to ensure that the agency’s and the community’s needs are met. Automated scheduling can make navigating these concerns much easier for leaders and help agencies avoid the risk of noncompliance.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How built-in rules ensure fair and equitable scheduling, overtime and extra-duty assignments, and annual shift and position picks
  • How an automated scheduling solution can help reduce costs and save valuable time
  • How you can more easily achieve compliance with changing laws and union rules – and support a more highly engaged workforce
  • How automated scheduling can help your organization avoid significant financial risk by tracking overtime, absences, shift trades, and over- and understaffing