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Armor Holdings, Inc. Thoroughly Rejects Claims in Class Action Suit and Reaffirms Confidence

For Immediate Release

- Armor Products Perform to Levels Required by NIJ Certifications

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Armor Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AH - News), categorically rejects the allegations in the complaint filed in Florida by a group of class action attorneys on behalf of the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) regarding Zylon-based body armor. Those allegations are completely lacking in merit and Armor intends to vigorously defend the lawsuit.

Although other manufacturers have experienced failures with their body armor, to our knowledge, none of Armor Holdings’ body armor, with or without the Zylon fabric, has ever failed to perform to its certified level in the field. Moreover, no governmental authority or agency has claimed that any of Armor Holdings’ vests are defective in any way. Contrary to the conclusions drawn by plaintiffs’ attorneys, even the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has stated that its preliminary test results are statistically inconclusive and unreliable. Armor Holdings constantly tests and evaluates all of its products and the ballistic material of which they are comprised to ensure that they perform at the levels for which they are warranted. Armor Holdings reiterates its confidence in the integrity of its products and their ability to perform both as certified by the NIJ and as warranted by the Company. Armor Holdings believes that this irresponsible lawsuit engenders fear in the law enforcement community, discouraging proper use of body armor, and thereby puts the lives of our police men and women in greater danger.

Armor Holdings will continue to support and cooperate with the Department of Justice in its initiatives undertaken to evaluate the performance of body armor and the development of testing standards and protocols for aged vests.

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