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Spotlight: Linev Product Transition Information

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Dear Valued Clients and Partners,

This letter announces the End of Life (EOL) and End of Service (EOS) of CONPASS SV Full Body Scanner manufactured by ADANI Systems from 2008-2020 and SecurPass Full Body Scanner manufactured by Virtual Imaging/Canon USA from 2010-2021. This notification applies to products sold directly through ADANI Systems or Virtual Imaging/Canon as well as those sold through distribution channels.

EOL and EOS Information
LINEV Systems US, (formally ADANI Systems, Inc.) will no longer accept purchase orders for CONPASS SV effective immediately. While LINEV Systems (LSUS) will make every attempt to provide services and parts for installed systems, we cannot guarantee availability of parts or resources to sustain operations.

Product Transition Information
LINEV Systems recommends replacement of these products to ensure operational availability as well as minimal impact to security screening operations. Replacement products include:

  • CONPASS SMART Dual View (Also available in single view configuration)

Transition Program
LSUS has developed a transition program with a substantial buy-back incentive to replace existing CONPASS SV and SecurPass body scanners. This program is further expanded to include full body scanners of all makes and models and will be available to Correctional and Law Enforcement agencies within the United States through the end of calendar year 2024. Removal and proper disposal/recycling in accordance with state specific health and radiation requirements are included in this transition program.

If you have any questions or concerns about these product phase outs and transitions, please contact a LINEV Systems representative at 936-588-2064 or email Thank you for your business and support of LINEV Systems US.


Scott Ortolani

Chief Operating Officer