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Let’s review: Top 5 training videos of 2014

Are you getting enough training? Use our videos as a supplemental resource!

Training is one thing that an officer, or any other correctional employee, can never have enough of. We went back through our archives to find the most viewed training videos of 2014; we hope that this quick refresher helps you in your day to day job so that you can go home safely.

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Reality Training: Inmate uses battery cover to unlock restraints
Watch how this inmate is able to use a battery cover to undo his restraints.

S.A.R.S. Technique in Practice
Henry Brettrager — alongside demonstration partner Matt — shows how you would put the system into practice on the streets.

Reality Training: CO beaten by inmate with metal pipe
Review this video to prevent an event like this from happening at your facility.

Reality Training: What’s a good distance to keep from an inmate?

In this video, a CO trying to move an inmate to a cell ends up in a physical altercation due to the fact that he’s standing too close.

Reality Training: Female CO assaulted by mob

How do you cope with this kind of incident, and, perhaps more worrisome, what do you do once it’s over?