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Top 5 most bizarre contraband smuggling stories of 2018

Think you’ve seen it all?


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By C1 Staff

Inmates will stop at nothing to get contraband into correctional facilities, and despite how many stories we’ve published over the years, the ways in which contraband gets smuggled in (and the things that get smuggled in) continues to surprise us. Think you’ve seen it all? Take a look at our roundup of the five strangest contraband smuggling stories of the year.

1. Inmate loses appeal after arguing that drugs hidden in buttocks weren’t his


An inmate lost his appeal after making a big stink about how the drugs hidden in his buttocks weren’t his. FULL STORY

2. Md. mother accused of mailing drugs to her inmate son


A mother’s love truly knows no boundaries. FULL STORY

3. Texas COs find $17M of cocaine in box of donated fruit


This story was bananas…in more ways than one! FULL STORY

4. Attempt to sneak impotence medicine into prison thwarted


No bones about it, this was a weird one. FULL STORY

5. woman charged after trying to smuggle drugs into jail with glitter glue, crayons


A woman’s attempt to add a little sparkle to an inmate’s life didn’t go as planned. FULL STORY


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