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Year in Review

As the year draws to a close, Corrections1 looks back on the milestone moments that defined corrections, from the ongoing recruitment and retention issues to top trends in health and wellness.

A glimpse into the challenges correctional officers face working through the holiday season
This may be the year of correctional burnout
The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Texas has overcome the recruiting crisis by expediting the hiring process, implementing competitive pay, offering innovative training and updating existing wellness programs
Corrections agencies nationwide are innovating with recruitment videos to attract recruits and lateral officers
From scissors to cellphones, and everything in between, there’s never a dull moment in the world of contraband
Ehea Schuerch says training for The Tactical Games takes discipline and a tough mindset – and has helped her become a better corrections officer
Like any other year, it seems there’s just no limit to how far people will go for drugs, wireless devices, the chance to escape, or all of the above
It is not a surprise that COs are most concerned about retention, as they know short staffing is the root of all problems in corrections
Explore this year’s most compelling recruitment messages from correctional agencies all vying for the best talent – vote for your favorite
Addressing the biggest issue impacting correctional officer safety in the New Year
Our experts address how short staffing, training cuts and a lack of stress management impact correctional officers and facility security
COVID-19 put the spotlight on officer recruitment, retention and wellness. The good news is, we have solutions to these issues
The ingenuity, or serious lack thereof, is astounding
Administrators and supervisors MUST invest in their most valuable resource – front-line staff – like never before
On December 7, 2020, Officer Dale Franquet faced a near-deadly encounter with a prisoner committed to carrying out a terror attack
Staff recruitment and retention have remained critical obstacles, but there are still strategies organizations can employ to gain the upper hand in 2022
Correctional leaders should commit themselves and their staff to apply lessons learned from the challenges of 2020 into policies and emergency planning
Healthcare will remain the largest uncontrollable expense in corrections — COVID-19 has only exacerbated this trend
The coronavirus impacted all aspects of correctional facility operations – from staffing to officer wellness
From Rice Krispies treats to lettuce, contraband hiding places never fail to surprise
Daniel O’Beirne and Jordan Reed, two strangers with fire and EMS backgrounds, worked together to save a driver whose semi-truck struck a pole and burst into flames
Tracking the coronavirus-related deaths of U.S. corrections officers and personnel
From a lack of civilian training to the effects of chronic fatigue on officers, the corrections profession faces many challenges in the next decade
Just when you think you’ve seen it all…
Read what the C1 team and our readership viewed as having the most significant impact on the profession in the last decade
Mandatory overtime is destructive for the physical and emotional health of COs, as well as the safety of facilities
Highlighting the positive aspects of the work of correctional officers is key to improving officer recruitment
From staff shortages to high-tech contraband, correctional officers faced many threats this year
Think you’ve seen it all?