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Barry Reynolds

Leadership Issues

Barry Reynolds is an author, speaker and public safety consultant specializing in police policy and leadership issues. He is the former founder and director of The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership, and Associate Professor of Criminal Justice. In addition to 31 years of experience as a law enforcement officer and supervisor, Barry also served with the Wisconsin Department of Justice as the Senior Training Officer for career development and leadership. He is a columnist on law enforcement management and leadership issues, and regular presenter at state and national conferences. Barry holds a degree in Business, and a Master of Science in Management.

The messages correctional facilities send to potential candidates are a critical part of the recruitment process
Understanding the various performance standards for slash- and stab-resistant body armor is of vital importance for correctional officer safety
ASPIRE compares potential candidates against characteristics most often identified with effective leadership.
Among the key outcomes of effective leadership is the empowerment we provide to others, coupled with the motivation that comes from a sense of shared vision