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Reality Training: Responding to an inmate medical emergency

Do you think these officers’ tactics led to the inmate’s death, or were they right in their restraint methods?

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  1. What are some tactics that are designed to reduce the need for have officer(s) to apply pressure on an inmate’s chest during sitting / ground stabilization?
  2. What does “current” research say about what has been described as Positional Asphyxia in terms of whether it results in a life threatening medical emergencies?
  3. What do your agency’s policies require you to do during / after stabilizing and/or restraining an inmate?
  4. What have you been trained to do if an inmate has a medical emergency?
  5. What are the some “best practices” for monitoring and providing medical care for an inmate after the restraining and/or applying restraints to an inmate?
  6. How important is documenting the after-care provided after during /after an inmate experiences a medical emergency?

This series of columns takes recent situations in the news and uses video footage to start a discussion.