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Calif. inmate found guilty of attempted murder of CO

Raul Torres Serrano faces potential life sentence for a premeditated attack on a peace officer


Lassen County District Attorney

By Greg Friese

LASSEN, Calif. — Raul Torres Serrano, an inmate at High Desert State Prison, was found guilty of the willful, deliberate, and premeditated attempted murder of a correctional officer. The incident, which took place on May 8, 2019, also involved Serrano using a deadly weapon and possessing a sharpened instrument while confined.

Testimony in the case revealed that the incident was triggered by a routine cell check during which the CO found and confiscated contraband from Serrano’s cell. The seizure provoked Serrano, who later obtained a weapon and attempted to stab the officer in the prison’s day room, even as he threatened to kill him.

According to the Lassen County District Attorney, a sentencing date is yet to be scheduled. The severity of Serrano’s crime could warrant a punishment of 15 years to life imprisonment.

“There are legislators working in Sacramento who keep pushing to shorten sentences, abolish life sentences, reclassify offenses as “nonviolent”, and release thousands of offenders onto our streets, without consideration that the offenders currently in state prison are there for “serious” and/or “violent” offenses and are continuing to commit acts of violence therein,” the District Attorney’s office wrote.

The jury, which deliberated over two days was thanked for its time and attention. The case was investigated by the High Desert State Prison Investigative Services Unit (HDSP-ISU) and prosecuted by Special Prosecutor Jordan Funk.

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