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Arrests and Sentencing

The Arrests & Sentencing section provides corrections officers with news on criminal cases — from crimes committed within the prison system to repeat offenders committing crimes outside of prison walls.

After hearing statements from the relatives of the students killed in the attack, the judge sentenced in excess of the recommended sentencing guidelines
Between September 2020 and May 2022, a group of inmates housed at Donaldson Correctional Facility used telephone scams called “skits” to trick Home Depot employees into activating pre-paid gift cards
The inmates, ages 14 and 15, fled after they overpowered and took a Jenkins County deputy’s 45-automatic handgun and knocked him unconscious with it
The former CO created a digital token he called Blazar Token and marketed it to police, fire personnel, EMTs and other first responders with the promise that it would supplement their pension plan
Police tracked the inmate and his accomplice down about 36 hours after their escape, but the pair is also suspected in the killings of two men while they were on the run
Nakie Nunley pleaded guilty last year to four counts of sexual abuse of a ward and five lesser felonies of abusive sexual contact of five women
The two wanted men were captured following a brief pursuit; Idaho State Police said they are now investigating whether the pair had killed two people while on the run
The CO’s sentence was the longest against six former officers sentenced in connection with an assault on an inmate at the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex
The inmate punched the sergeant, causing her fractures to her facial bones and detaching her retina in her right eye
After spending 568 days and 17 hours in jail, the man stole a Ford Crown Victoria corrections vehicle from the parking lot, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said
After escaping by pepper-spraying a deputy and stealing a cruiser, the recaptured inmate also faces new charges, including attempting to smuggle cigarettes and a lighter into jail
The former Staton Correctional Facility sergeant was convicted by a jury of deprivation of rights under color of law, falsification of records and obstruction of justice
The CO was charged after he tried to pass off his husky as a “drug-sniffing dog” and used it to harass people at his apartment complex, authorities said
When the suspect was questioned, he told the officers that he stole the truck only because he had just gotten out of prison and needed a means of transportation home
The court’s opinion cited developmental differences between adults and children and their differing capacities for rehabilitation
The jury voted 11-1 in favor of the death penalty after convicting the 24-year-old man in the death of Mobile Police Officer Sean Tuder
The judge also ordered Charles Ryan to pay $8,500 to cover the Tempe Police Department’s costs in conducting the investigation of the encounter and designated the offense as a felony
The inmate used contraband cell phones to overseeing a drug dealing operation in 2020 while incarcerated in Atlantic County and Georgia
Mentally Ill Inmates
Investigators said all officers involved had been trained on the use of force and interacting with inmates and patients suffering from mental illness, but the restraint Matthew Millar used is contrary to that training
Atlanta PD’s helicopter observed the jail escapee run through a residential area where he attempted to conceal himself inside a garbage can
The suspect, who had just escaped from the Glades County Jail exercise yard, stole a truck that was running while unoccupied and led deputies on a pursuit
The judge also ordered Arthur Lee Cofield Jr. to pay millions in restitution, including $11 million for the money he stole from billionaire movie producer Sidney Kimmel while inside the Georgia DOC’s Special Management Unit
Under one of the proposed bills, a court could not sentence an individual under 19 years old when the crime was committed to imprisonment for life without parole eligibility
Lack of post-release transport in county’s inmate transfer policy raises concerns
Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released early in the day from the Chillicothe Correctional Center; she was granted parole after serving 85% of her sentence
The CO was a former 20-year law enforcement veteran who was a lieutenant and shift commander at William Donaldson Correctional Facility
The man helped an inmate inside the Georgia DOC’s Special Management Unit steal $11 million from a billionaire
Michael Anderson pleaded guilty in July to one count of deprivation of civil rights
“You were a coward then and you remain a coward today,” said Sandy Jackson, Officer Paul Verna’s widow