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Body Armor

“It’s not if we have a detention officer stabbed or cut, it’s when,” Sheriff Chris Elliott said
Understanding the various performance standards for slash- and stab-resistant body armor is of vital importance for correctional officer safety
Officers who don’t wear body armor regularly are three to four times more likely to suffer a fatal injury from a torso shot than officers who routinely wear body armor; here’s what you need to consider when making a purchase
This carrier features horizontal knife sleeves, shoulder utility ports and a 3D spacer mesh inner lining for air channeling and heat reduction
Once you’ve decided with level of ballistic protection best meets your working environment, consider comfort, camouflage and cost
The Maxx-Dri vest is a thin vest made out of unique mesh material that’s meant to be worn under ballistic armor
Why are there still so many willing to take the risk of “running naked” on duty, when the stakes are so high and the inconvenience so minimal?