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Melissa Mann

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Melissa Mann is recently retired from the field of law enforcement. Her experience spanned 18 years which included assignments in Corrections, Community Policing, Dispatch Communications and Search and Rescue. Melissa holds a BS in Criminal Justice and MA in Psychology with an emphasis on studies on the psychological process of law enforcement officers. She holds a deep passion for researching and writing about the lifestyle of police and corrections work and the far-reaching psychological effects on the officer and their world.

A holistic talent management solution can automate the process of tracking and reporting employee data and training
Through the provision of efficient, detailed, real-time data, video analytics give correctional facilities the tools to identify threats and enhance safety
A vehicle video surveillance system can alleviate COs and agencies of any liability in the midst of an unpredictable incident during inmate transport
Correctional institutions are faced with being the sole health care provider for the nation’s most ill people with the least amount of financial resources
Studies have shown that promoting education and job training for inmates can reduce recidivism and save taxpayer dollars
Officer safety, improved inmate behavior and revenue are key reasons why correctional facilities are issuing tablets to inmates
Research reflects a reduction in recidivism with inmates receiving regular visitation from family, loved ones, clergy and mentors
Some policies have been carefully and deliberately constructed, while others are lacking the same thoughtful craftsmanship
Offenders who suffer from mental health and substance abuse disorders do not respond well to traditional alternative sentence programming
While diversion and treatment programs exist for inmates who suffer from mental illness, they remain questionably effective