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Contraband: Spinach and wax figurines, weapons

These images of spinach and wax figurines were submitted by a C1 reader, along with this description:

Two small, green figurines were discovered in the outgoing mail. During a debrief interview, an inmate was shown the figurines. The inmate advised they were made from spinach and floor wax. He said inmates were also making knives using the same materials. The spinach is formed into an ice pick shape and allowed to dry out. It is then coated with the floor wax which hardens. The knife does not set off the metal detector. The inmate said it is only good for about three strikes, but if done right, that is all is needed.

These images and videos of illegal inmate contraband have come directly from Corrections1 members, readers and expert contributors. As officers in the field, Corrections1 members have the greatest insight into the contraband and illegal tactics used by inmates to subvert the security of our nation’s vital corrections institutions. By submitting these images and videos of paraphernalia, Corrections1 members share potentially life-saving information with their brothers and sisters.

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