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Photos: VADOC seizes extensive amounts of drugs, contraband in major shakedown

The VADOC recovered suspected drugs, makeshift weapons and contraband like cellphones at Greensville Correctional Center

By Sarah Roebuck

RICHMOND, Va. — Following a thorough inspection of inmate housing units at Greensville Correctional Center, the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) said it recovered suspected narcotics, makeshift weapons and contraband like cell phones.

Security Staff Members at Greensville, in conjunction with statewide Special Response Team (SRT) members, conducted these thorough searches from October 30 to November 14.

Officials said a large number of suspected drugs were recovered. Among the items were:

  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Buprenorphine strips
  • THC and THC Wax
  • Possible crack cocaine
  • Possible spice
  • Steroid tablets
  • A white, powdery substance
  • A white, crystalline substance
  • A brown, powdery substance
  • A brown, liquid substance
  • A grey, powdery substance
  • A black, tar-like substance
  • Many unknown substances

In addition to other contraband, Security Staff employees at VADOC facilities discovered 21 homemade weapons and 10 cell phones, which are prohibited items. They also found several pieces of illicitly made clothing. The VADOC is formulating a targeted strategy to tackle the issue of drug and contraband infiltration at Greensville Correctional Center, which has the largest inmate population among VADOC’s major institutions. As of August 2023, the inmate count at Greensville stood at 2,424.
“The Virginia Department of Corrections is taking several steps to ensure institutional safety and security at Greensville Correctional Center,” said VADOC Director Chadwick Dotson. “This drug and contraband shakedown will improve safety within the facility, which helps us to meet our goals of long-term public safety for the Commonwealth. I thank Greensville Correctional Center Security Staff, the SRT members, and all who assisted with this massive operation.”