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2nd NJ county correctional police officer dies from COVID-19

Officer Zeb Craig, 56, had just been released from the hospital and was reportedly feeling better before succumbing to COVID-19


Hudson County Corrections Officer Zeb Craig.

Courtesy photo

By Sarah Calams

HUDSON COUNTY, N.J. — A second Hudson County corrections officer has died from COVID-19. reported that Officer Zeb Craig, 56, began his law enforcement career in 2007, where he started working in a juvenile detention center. He later became a corrections officer in 2014.

“Zeb was a really good individual. He immortalized ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover,’ because he came off as stoic and standoffish and that couldn’t have been further from the truth,” Hudson County Jail director Ron Edwards said. “He served our department with distinction and a lot of pride. He was a true gentleman and he’d do any task that you gave him.”

Craig had been out of the hospital for “a little over a week” and was feeling better before succumbing to the novel coronavirus Sunday morning, Edwards said.

Craig leaves behind his wife and daughter.