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Miami-Dade COs sent home after new inmate gets tested for COVID-19

Staff ID’d as having initial contact have been advised to stay home and monitor themselves for any signs or symptoms

By David J. Neal and Monique O. Madan
Miami Herald

MIAMI — Some Miami-Dade Corrections staffers were sent home Saturday and inmates isolated while awaiting the COVID-19 testing results for a new arrestee, the agency said Saturday afternoon.

According to Miami-Dade Corrections public affairs manager Juan Diasgranados, the person arrived at Turner-Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Saturday’s early hours. The person is in medical housing unit isolation while awaiting test results. As of now, there remain no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in any Miami-Dade Corrections facilities, the product of novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, “precautionary measures have been initiated including the thorough sanitation of the processing area,” Diasgranados said. “Other inmates who may have come into contact are also being isolated and monitored closely, and staff identified as having initial contact have been advised by their supervisor to stay home and monitor themselves for any signs or symptoms.”

He said the situation did not require additional staff beyond that on duty.

Visitation for family members was canceled Thursday, the day after Florida’s Department of Corrections canceled its visitations.


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