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Roundtable: Situational report on COVID-19 response in corrections

A panel of experts join Tier Talk host Anthony Gangi to assess the current state of COVID-19 response in jails and prisons nationwide

In this episode of Tier Talk, Anthony Gangi, Darryl Smith, Luis Soto, Connie Alleyne, Brian Kovacs and Greg Piper discuss the latest in the battle against the coronavirus in corrections.

Tier Talk, hosted by Corrections1 columnist Anthony Gangi, features interviews with industry experts, conversations about hot topics and pressing issues, and offers lessons to new staff and old about the evolving and ever-changing field of corrections.
Out of 595 people who were released on $0 bail from April 2020 through June 2021, 420 were re-arrested, with 123 of them arrested for violent crimes
As of Monday morning, 34 of the jail’s 2,864 inmates were COVID-positive
After administrators at the Portland jail revoked her security clearance, the woman was forced to take a pay cut to work at a different jail, according to a lawsuit
The individual was reportedly immediately isolated and contact tracing is underway