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Can an officer do that? It all depends...

In this video tactical tip, expert trainer Gary T Klugiewicz discusses how to avoid legal trouble by understand the concept of “the totality of the circumstances”.

Experience, expertise and communication skills are the criteria by which a defensive tactics instructor is judged. By these measures, Gary T. Klugiewicz is recognized as one of the nation’s leading control systems analysts specializing in the Use of Force.
We must ensure the people who are using the equipment are trained, authorized and certified to do so
Corrections officers are needed to respond to survey to assess their ability to recognize and respond to signs of mental health challenges or crises
In 2021 lawmakers agreed to spend $1.25 billion on two prisons, but rising labor and construction costs are devouring most of the funding
Allegheny County Jail reports compliance with a county referendum that limits solitary confinement for inmates