10 tips for getting rest after the night shift

Once you're done with the night shift, the last thing you want to do is go home and worry about how you're going to get some rest. We asked our readers for their best tips and tricks for getting some shut eye during the morning hours -- add your own in the comments if you don't see it here.


Justin King Two sets of black out curtains with a thick blanket drapped over the top of the window to eliminate as much light as possible. Get home and immediately get into the dark room and into bed. Always wear a hate and sunglasses on the drive home.

Allen Simmons We sleep at work who you foolin...

Keith Robert LaBier Melatonin!

Connie Vaughn After I get home and take the kids to school, I run, shower, small breakfast and I have black out curtains for the room and sleep with the door shut. The temp in the house has a lot to do with it too. Whether it's summer or winter my heat/ac stays on 68, when I'm sleeping.

Tony Grant Ear plugs, blindfold, and tequila. If you don't have one of the first two, supplement with more of the third.

Robert Jesso I been doing it for twenty years, sleep 4 hrs in the morning, get up occupie yourself, I go to gym for 2 hrs, spend family time and then take a nap for 2 hrs 7:30 - 9:30, even on my days off I keep a similar schedule to that, give you 6 hrs a sleep total

Doug Perry Try to keep one schedule

Nik Harvey Aluminum foil on windows is the ultimate light blocker.

Holly Bee Sleep mask!

Chris Warner I come home catch up on the news and facebook. Then lay down. If I cannot go to sleep I will turn on the Golf Channel. I will be out within minutes then.

Chris Windsor Sleep, what is that?

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