Woman alleges illegal strip-search by LaSalle Co. Sheriff

While in custody for a DUI, Dana Holmes alleges that she was illegally strip-searched and left naked in a cell for over an hour

By John Garcia
ABC Local

LASALLE COUNTY — A lawsuit has been triggered by a videotaped strip-search of a Grundy County woman. It all started with the arrest of Dana Holmes.

Police in Marseilles arrested Dana Holmes for DUI back in May. She has since pleaded guilty and received court supervision for that charge. But while in custody she alleges officers with Lasalle County illegally strip-searched her and left her naked in a jail cell for more than an hour.

Four sheriff's officers carry 32-year-old Dana Holmes into a LaSalle County jail cell. The three men and one woman put her face down on the floor and proceed to strip off her clothes.

It's all captured on a security camera in a corner of the padded cell. They take her clothes leaving her alone and naked in the cell, until throwing blankets inside a few minutes later.

"I was terrified. I felt helpless. I was scared and I lay there crying . . . I just prayed," said Holmes.

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