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Black August: A first-hand account of the day 3 COs were tragically lost

Russ Hamilton brings you the story of Black August as told by Associate Warden Dick Nelson


In this episode of Tier Talk, Associate Warden (ret.) Dick Nelson brings you a first-hand account of Black August, the day an attempted escape ended in the death of three COs. Hear his account of retaking the San Quentin Adjustment Center with gunfire.

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The arrest was made nearly a month after the four inmates escaped through a broken window and a cut fence at the Bibb County jail
Both inmates were serving lengthy prison terms for drug trafficking in the Pacific Northwest; they will now spend an additional 11 years in prison
In the latest incident, a group of six juveniles attacked a staff member, creating an opening for a young man to take the staff member’s keys and then scale a fence
The contemporary digital landscape is generating vast reservoirs of data that agencies must connect and analyze