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Officer Down

Ross Bartlett, who also served as a Ceresco Police Department officer, was seated in his patrol vehicle and conducting a traffic stop when he was hit from behind
DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Christina Musil served in the corrections and patrol divisions
The inmate is accused of attacking Sgt. Mark Baserman, 60, in a housing unit’s day room at SCI-Somerset on Feb. 15, 2018
Deputy Charles Rivette was killed and another deputy was seriously injured; Deputy Rivette was an 18-year veteran of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Court Officer Robert Silver was supposed to be attending a celebration of life for his mother and sister on the day he was killed
Two corrections officers who worked at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility got into an altercation in the parking lot, leading to one officer firing a gun
Corrections Officer Chad Mumpower started his career with the Homewood Police Department in 1998; he leaves behind his wife and daughter, along with his mother and father
Officer Kelly B. Rolando was returning from a temporary assignment when he got into a crash; he served with the Missouri Department of Corrections for eight years
Officer Robert Clark, 42, was escorting two prisoners at Smith State Prison when the inmate assaulted him from behind with a homemade weapon
The inmate faces the possibility of a death sentence if convicted of the first-degree murder of Sgt. Mark Baserman
NYPD Officer Edward Byrne was killed by drug dealers while guarding the home of a witness; he was just 22 years old
The death penalty filing cites four aggravating circumstances, including that Deputy Durm was killed while performing “his duty as a law enforcement officer”
Marion County Deputy John Durm was returning the murder suspect to jail when the inmate attacked Durm
In his 12 years as a CO, Officer Scott Riner mentored many of the inmates he oversaw and tried to steer them toward productive lives after prison
In addition to his corrections work, reserve officer Joseph Johnson volunteered as a firefighter and contributed to his community as a private security officer
Nyssa officer Joseph Johnson was shot while he was still in his vehicle after pulling the suspect over
Sebastian Parra said he “didn’t do anything” to kill Wasco state prison counselor Benny Alcala Jr.
Tarrant County Jail Corporal Aron Iseman was driving when his vehicle left the roadway and rolled several times
Kenneth Fowler, 52, hit his head in the fall, causing brain bleeds and a hairline fracture in his skull
“He was just the best. He was just a great police officer who advocated for a safer city that he grew up in,” an officer said
Scott Riner had arrived about 40 minutes early for work when he was gunned down and left to die beside his parked truck
Lawrence Prather, 43, began his career with the New Hampshire Department of Corrections in 2017
The money, intended to hire new federal COs and retain current ones, could “save someone’s life or save them from serious injury”
Deputy Daniel Kin had worked with the Wyandot County Sheriff’s Office for just over a year
Sgt. Mark Baserman, 60, died of blunt force trauma less than two weeks after he was assaulted by an inmate
Alan Jay Hershberger was attacked by inmate Gregory Thompson from behind with a homemade weapon
The corrections officer was shot by an “unknown shooter” as he got out of his vehicle
Edward Muhammad Johnson acknowledged that he meant to kill Officer Joseph Gomm
The officer was in his 60s and was a “well-respected” veteran of 26 years, officials said