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Why First Responder Wellness Week 2024 is all about you

Dr. David Black, president of Wellness Solutions for Lexipol, welcomes first responders and their families to the second annual First Responder Wellness Week

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Across the country, first responders are the bedrock of our communities. Whether you serve in law enforcement, fire, EMS, corrections, 911 dispatch, or any other public safety position, you give so much. And it’s the same spirit of service that underpins First Responder Wellness Week.

I’m Dr. David Black, president of Wellness Solutions for Lexipol. Welcome to the second annual First Responder Wellness Week. This is such a special week for us at Lexipol. This is a time for us to give back to the first responders who serve on the front lines 24/7.

Whether you’re just embarking on a public safety career or starting to think about your retirement, you share in common a passion for helping your neighbor. For making things better for everyone else. For assisting in someone’s time of greatest need. And this passion is so strong in you, you would actually risk your life for it.

And so many of you have. Time and time again. But the reality is you can’t live this passion on your own. You need resources to help you prepare for the job physically and mentally.

And to help you bounce back quickly when you’re injured or experienced traumatic stress. You need inspiration to stick with that healthy diet, even when mandatory overtime strikes yet again. You need leaders and you need colleagues, and you need a community that understands the rigors of this job and are committed to helping you get stronger every single day. And you know what?

You not only need all these things to thrive as a first responder, you deserve them. And that’s what First Responder Wellness Week is all about. At Lexipol, we are so deeply committed to supporting each of you physically, mentally and emotionally with the highest quality resources, education and community support. I so hope you’ll join us this week.

Whether you’re looking for stress management tips, advice on getting better sleep, inspiration to start a new workout, or information on how to limit the impact of stress on your life. We have something for you. Oh, and your family members are invited too. I often say when our public safety workers are physically and mentally fit, we all win.

So thank you so much for everything you do. And let’s make this week all about you.

Get more resources to share with your team at the First Responder Wellness Week resource center.