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14-year-old boy says he’s a Mexican gang assassin

Says he’s a highly sought “boy assassin” who guns down and beheads people for a drug gang

The Virginian-Pilot

MEXICO CITY — In a case that has shocked Mexicans, a 14-year-old told journalists Friday that he’s a highly sought “boy assassin” who guns down and beheads people for a drug gang.

Soldiers arrested the boy, Edgar Jimenez Lugo, Thursday night as he prepared to board a flight from Cuernavaca, south of the capital, to Tijuana, where he planned to cross the border to his mother’s residence in the San Diego area.

Security agents had been hunting for Jimenez since late October, when a video was posted on the Internet of the boy holding an AK-47 assault weapon and posing with other gang members.

On the video, Jimenez casually said he didn’t care whether he and his fellow gunmen got the right targets, just as long as they killed someone. a life of crime

The case highlights concern about the falling ages of foot soldiers in Mexico’s ongoing drug violence, which has left more than 30,000 people dead since late 2006. The teen said he had been killing for three years.

Reports said Jimenez was a U.S. citizen, although U.S. Embassy spokesman Alex Featherstone said, “We have not confirmed this boy’s citizenship.”

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