Poem: Backup call

When a brother or sister in corrections needs backup, there's no hesitation to respond

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This poem is by Gerardo Molinar, who retired from the sheriff's department as a Cpl. Detention Officer after 27 years of service.

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BACKUP call 10/24/17

By Gerardo Molinar

The call over the radio, an officer needs backup, caught you off guard, 

Your adrenaline kicks in and a fast pounding of your heart.

You stop everything you are doing and quickly run to assist,

Everyone answers the call, help is on the way if only he can resist.

You don't know if it's serious or not but you really don't care,

You and others have the same thought, "Hang on we're almost there."

When a badge brother or sister needs help all differences are set aside,

Any quarrels take a back seat, it doesn't matter who's wrong or right.

Your main goal now is to get your partner out of harm's way,

Making sure we all get to go home at the end of the day.

It's an overwhelming feeling when you need help and backup arrives,

With your badge brothers and sisters to join the fight.

It doesn't matter what uniform or badge you place upon your chest,

We are all a part of the Thin Blue Line and we try to do our best.

To protect and serve on the streets, the jails or border, 

We will always run toward danger to help maintain order.

We all mourn when one of ours is taken from our ranks and laid to rest,

We stick together as unruly individuals put us to the test.

It's not always glory achieving the goals for which we strive,

We sacrifice life and limb for each other and those who serve with pride.

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